Brooms Park residents say NO to Development



Dear Stone Gazette,

I am a resident on Brooms Park, and like the other residents that live here, we’re objecting to the building of up to 18 new industrial units, just feet away from our doorsteps.

Not only would they be an eyesore but they would be oppressive and depressing, they would lead to even more traffic onto the roundabout that is already impossible to get out of at peak times.

I moved to Brooms Park to recuperate after several facial reconstruction operations, I’d found my perfect place, peaceful with views of fields and nature all around me. If this proposed development goes ahead this will all be lost and I, and others, will have a tall fence feet from our window as a view to look at for the rest of our lives.

Most of the residents here are elderly, and some like myself, have medical complications that make the life we lead already that little bit harder, we can’t take all of this stress, it’s causing us sleepless nights with the worry. I’ve been fighting this for months and it’s taking its toll on me. I can’t stand by and see neighbours in their 80’s in tears, it’s just not right.

Stone Town Council already objected to the plans in May, but it won’t go away.

You can help the residents here by emailing planning with any objections you may have… by 29th August official (5th September extension)

quoting ‘Objections to Proposed Planning off Diamond Way Stone, Planning number 16/23975/FUL

Thank you for listening
Chris Carlin
Brooms Park, Stone