Exercise classes to help those who maybe wouldn’t attend your usual exercise class


Do you want to get moving? Why not take a look at what we do…..

Exercise classes at St Dominics Social Centre to help those who maybe wouldn’t attend your usual exercise class, to help to improve movement and fitness levels.

Tripudio – the Latin word for dance and translatable to ‘leap with joy’ are movement classes specifically designed to help people who want to get moving but especially helpful for those with pain, breathlessness, lymphatic problems and cardiovascular issues .
Each session starts and ends with ‘the flow’, designed to help people warm up and cool down in a gentle way while improving their lymphatic and circulatory systems. The rest of the class focuses on gentle stretching, strengthening, balance and low impact aerobics set to music.


Classes can be taken standing or sitting and are aimed at people with many health conditions including; lymphoedema, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart and lung problems, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Everyone can work at their own level of ability and the classes are adapted to meet the needs of the clients.

The classes are taken by local, experienced practitioners – Nicola Silk, a Physiotherapist and Pat McGovern a Nurse, both are certified Tripudio Movement Instructors.

“Tripudio is great for anyone who wants to do some gentle exercise and have fun. It’s very beneficial for people with health conditions, not only to improve movement, balance and overall fitness, but also to improve the feelings of well being.”

If you are interested, have any customers or family members that would be interested, let them know that weekly classes are back at St Dominics Social Centre following the summer break from Tuesday 30th August 5:30pm until 6.30pm. Feel free to just drop in, contact us on 01782 361250, Text the mobile on 07402 450970 or email activ8ability@gmail.com

Check for updates or ask any questions on our Facebook page activ8ability – Tripudio movement systems