First Responder Receives a Chief Officer Commendation

Everyday Hero - Martin Watson
Everyday Hero – Martin Watson

An Eccleshall Community First Responder has received a Commendation from the West Midlands Ambulance Service Chief Officer, Dr Anthony Marsh, for his actions as the first person on
scene at a prolonged dog attack last year.

The commendation was presented to Eccleshall Group Coordinator, Martin Watson “in appreciation of his outstanding dedication and service above and beyond the call of duty”.

Martin was the first ambulance resource on scene of the attack and showed a total disregard for his own safety by going to the aid of a young child and his grandmother both of whom had been attacked by the dog, a French Mastiff.

Despite the dangers posed by the dog he managed to safeguard the two patients and start treatments until further medical services arrived.

Martin said that at the time of the attack his thoughts were not for his own safety but for that of the two patients.  He just rendered what aid he could until additional resources from the police and ambulance arrived.