Hotting up on saving water


Severn Trent encourages its customers to be water wise during the hot weather

Summer has finally arrived – and all in time for the school holidays! But just because we had to endure some very wet weather to get here, it doesn’t mean we can become complacent with how much water we are using.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager at Severn Trent, said:

“Earlier this year we experienced a real dry spell and whilst the rainfall last month was a welcome relief and filled our reservoirs back up to healthy levels, our year-round message remains the same – use water wisely as part of your everyday life. If we are all careful with the amount of water we use then we won’t have to take as much from the environment.”

“Our customers are very water conscious and as a result, have one of the lowest levels of water consumption per head in the UK. At Severn Trent our focus has been to move raw water supplies across our water ‘grid’ to balance out regional supplies, which meant that we didn’t have to put any water restrictions in place.

“But there is more we can all do to save water and although we are confident we have the situation under control, we would like to remind our customers to use water wisely and save water in their home and garden, especially whilst they enjoy this long awaited summer.”


There is a range of free water saving kits available for all customers at