Swynnerton’s Philippa to trek 100 miles for Fresh Hair Charity

The ‘Fresh Hair’ Salon at the North Staffordshire Hospital

Philippa Stone, from Swynnerton near Stone, is 75 years old and she is doing a 100 mile walk over a month around Staffordshire and finishing on September the 1st.

Philippa is doing the walk for the charity ‘fresh Hair’ at the North Staffordshire Hospital for the oncology apartment. Earlier this year Philippa had a skin cancer on the top of her head removed which resulted in a skin graph from her leg to cover part of the top of her head. This lead into her having to have a wig due to hair not able to grow back. She also had to go through radiation to make sure all the cancer had been removed as it had spread quite far down into her head.

Philippa decided to do this walk also because of how good the staff were and how she was treated and all the support she got from them through this difficult time. Also especially for the ‘Fresh hair’ charity who supply wigs who are not funded by the government and are supported by charitable funding and events.

Overall she wants to raise as much money as possible for her to be able to donate to the charity for future cases like hers and to show and offer them support because of how well she was looked after and supported.

Philippa can be found on a Just giving page under Philippa Stones 100 mile walk through Joe Stones Facebook account (Joe is her Grandson). Or She could receive funding to herself personally.

Her Mobile number is 07833 225 513 or 01782 796 920.