Stone Dominoes LFC lose out despite Prime efforts


Shrewsbury Juniors 4 – Stone Dominoes Ladies 3

For the first ten minutes Stone didn’t show up, giving much of the possession to Shrewsbury. With the defence under constant pressure, a ball was played in to the Shrewsbury striker, Central defender Hayley Mason matched her for pace and had no choice but to make a last ditch attempt to tackle the player as she shot. Mason was late which ultimately put the striker off balance to strike wide, however the referee gave a penalty. Shrewsbury 1-0 up and Stone woke up and began to play a bit of football however were closed down very quickly by the home side. After a ball came into the Stone box from the right wing, keeper Kelly Lees jumped and caught the ball, however she was bundled over and the ball was in the back of the net. Fuming with the decision by the referee numerous players from the Stone team were spoken to, with Vikki Garner receiving a yellow. Shrewsbury played the long ball each time and their striker had bags of pace which troubled the Dominoes defence.

A couple of changes were made, seeing Nat Price make way for Bethan Woodings, who instantly made an impact in the centre, putting numerous challenges in. Stone pulled one back just before half time after some great play down the right hand side by Lisa Elliot linking with Laura Baskerville, creating an opportunity for Mollie Prime to get her name on the scoresheet with a one on one with the keeper. 2-1 half time.

After the half, Stone battled harder and had no choice but to play a more physical game against a very physical Shrewsbury side. When Stone had the ball on the floor, the passing was amazing and the unfit Shrewsbury team couldn’t keep up. However after possession, nothing came from it up top. More changes for the Dominoes saw, Katie Jones come on at right back for Amelia Shacklestone and Maria  Birkett down the right wing for Laura Baskerville.

Shrewsbury broke, and got another goal making it 3-1, with how the decisions had gone against them all afternoon Stone dug deep and pushed to get a goal back straight away.  Mollie Prime down the left wing found herself in acres of space on numerous occasions, however with putting balls into the box Shrewsbury cleared easily with Stone having nobody on the end of each one. Prime soon took to shooting from the left wing however nothing bothered the keeper until one outside of the box screamer flew past the keeper. 3-2. Stone were beginning to dominate play, however the experience of the Shrewsbury side slowed the game right down. Taking minutes for set pieces, throw ins and goal kicks soon mounted up time, time which Stone needed for the equaliser.

Shrewsbury against all the play, went long again and with their striker on the ball she made it 4-2. With ten minutes left Stone pressed and pressed, troubling the Shrewsbury defence however their central defender was strong and cleared up behind them. With the Shrewsbury midfield tired, the Dominoes had more chance to push forward. Jules Kendrick received the ball on the edge of the box after some quick passing with Maria Birkett and Lacey Smith, Smith layed the ball off for Kendrick and with her first touch the ball flew into the top corner, hitting the net and post however somehow bouncing back out. The referee continued play, which frustrated the Dominoes even more to the point it was laughable.

Stone were awarded a corner and a great ball came in, for Hayley Mason to out jump the defence and head home making it 4-3. Grabbing the ball and setting up straight away to look again for the equaliser. Shrewsbury again took what seemed forever to take the centre kick, looking for the corner. After a couple of throw ins down the left hand side, Shrewsbury managed to waste 5minutes. Dominoes keeper Kelly Lees voiced her opinion of time wasting to the referee and was greeted with a yellow card. Stone ended up with the ball at Laura Baskervilles feet, Baskerville dribbled past the meaty midfielders, side stepping between them with the ball, one taking a swipe for her legs making her lose the ball. A yellow was awarded to Shrewsbury midfielder, again this taking up a lot of time. Free kick taken from Stone and the full time whistle went.


GOALS: PRIME (35, 70), MASON ( 83)