Stone Gets Gold Again!!!

Stone in Bloom volunteers met up on Sunday 18th to celebrate the win
The Stone in Bloom volunteers met up on Sunday 18th to celebrate the win

Stone awarded a Gold in the RHS Heart of England in Bloom campaign

A Gold award is given to exceptional achievers who have demonstrated a consistently high standard in all areas of the judging criteria and objectives of Britain in Bloom.

All Stone In Bloom volunteers are thrilled with the result and are spurred on to next year’s campaign! The following are the senior judges comments on what he found in our beautiful town on judging day and why we were awarded a Gold .The recycling issue will be addressed in the next campaign year, the rest is out of our hands!

Stone in Bloom Gold Award Category: Large Town Judges: Mark Wiltshire and Roger Bache commented

“Stone continues to impress. Stone in Bloom had a year out in 2015 but clearly did not stop working during that time towards their goal of making Stone a better place to live. The best wildflower meadow planting seen thus far coupled with Town Centre florals gave a real sense of peace and community. Like all bloom groups they have been Grey to Greening for years. Particularly hitting the RHS brief though with the Crown Passage, an improvement both shoppers and shopkeepers are bound to appreciate. Community orchard, litter picking Alsatians, Friends groups, Beaver beds, Friends of Stone discount card, Crown Meadow the list is endless. Some of these things are seen in other towns but for sure Stone has a unique combination which works fantastically well.”

Areas of Achievement:

The sustainable and edible “Anchor” beds were maintained to a very high standard.

March Hare House yet again producing stunning florals displays well done.

New Rose Planting in Stonefield Park particularly the vibrant and unusual Rosa Rhapsody in Blue.

The wildflower beds in various parts of the town were amazing, these beds are “proper” wild flowers,
Large beds, strategically sited on banks etc., managed for height and weed control, fantastic.

Town centre florals were well advanced with the low level coronets particularly attractive.

Hitting the brief in Crown Passage, work in progress but certainly Grey to Green.

Perhaps not the best way to impress the judges showing them Newcastle Rd allotments,
where the produce was ten times better than anything they can produce!

Crown Meadow; a biodiversity site virtually in the centre of Town, a delight, plus of course the Common Plot.

The extra work in Stonefield Park by Helens Friends group was there for all to see.

The prettiest litter pickers in Staffordshire, no not Jill and Steve, Tony Panter’s white Alsatians!

Clean and litter free with much extra effort from the dedicated bloomers and helpers which was well evidenced in the portfolio

Whitebridge Industrial Estate an exemplar of how care, cleanliness (and florals too) really shows pride in the environment we live and work in

Friends of Stone in Bloom now numbering 146 members a unique Discount Card publicising bloom, garnering funds and helping the townspeople and retailers alike.

Beavers, Guides and now Scouts helping the group, the Beavers having recently taken ownership of the Abbey St bed.

This year the Town Council funded the hanging baskets taking pressure off fundraising.

The Judges commented

“This shows real working across the community, church and friends groups, Bromfield court residents, Whitebridge Industrial Estate and nursery schools to name but a few. “

Areas for Improvement:

Dead tree in Stonefield Park strategically where the judges were formally greeted by the Mayor.
Agency work force destroying sustainable planting.