Children can venture into an incredible new world in The Heroes of Elwhen


Written as part of a six part series, Staffordshire author G. H. Cawser debuts the first of his children’s stories that will transport young readers on a fantastical and magical journey.

The Heroes of Elwhen, written by Staffordshire author G. H. Cawser, takes children aged 9 and over to the mysterious land of Elwhen.

John and Sally-Anne are city born and bred, but enjoy spending their summers on Uncle Ned’s farm. They believe they’ve already experienced thrills aplenty, but there is far more in store for them than they could ever have imagined. With their cousin Gerald, they make one last trip to the top of mysterious Barrow Hill and from there find themselves drawn into a place of enchantment and wonder – the mysterious land of Elwhen.

After being captured by a witch named Belldonna, the youngsters become embroiled in a struggle that threatens the very fabric of their newly discovered world. Their overriding wish is to return home, but everything is thrown into turmoil when they are coerced into searching for a magical amulet – the Jewel of the Isle.

‘The plot thickens and will draw children into the story in the same way C. S. Lewis transports his readers to Narnia,’ explains G. H. Cawser. ‘The Heroes of Elwhen is only the start of the story, the trio are set to have a lot more adventures in the Chronicles of Alva.’

Copies of G. H. Cawser’s fantastical debut children’s book are available upon request from Matador.