Erratum – Westbridge Park


There has been some confusion with regards to the Westbridge Park item on page 22 of the October copy of the Gazette. Mike Fox is a senior inspector from HM Planning Inspectorate appointed to carry out an independent appraisal of the Stafford Borough Plan Part 2 in an Examination in Public.

Mr Fox has asked Stafford Borough Council to amend its plans for settlement boundary in Westbridge Park in order to make the plan sound as is required in law.

His views reflect those held independently by Stone Town Council, the campaign group Keep Westbridge Park Green and other residents.

His findings are made independently having considered all the relevant facts and evidence base. He was not commissioned by Keep Westbridge Park Green as suggested in the article.

The response and comments to the planning application of M&S  that Stone Town Council voted on at its September 6th meeting are entirely its own.

The Gazette apologises for the error and assures readers that the version above is a true representation of Mr Fox’s involvement.