HS2 and Swynnerton’s roads (updated)



The HS2 October 12th consultation at Yarnfield was the first that Swynnerton people learned of major proposed realignments to their village roads.

Two of Swynnerton’s three roads would be affected. Looking north from the fork in the village centre, the right turn, Tittensor Road would be severed south of Sandyford Farm.

It would be routed instead from the fork to the north west of the current line, pass close to the water tower, cross the HS2 line on an overbridge and join the A51 some 250 metres south-west of the current junction.

The left turn, Stab Lane would be re-routed after the White House to join the A51 further west at the A519 roundabout at Swynnerton Heath Farm.

A realignment of the A51 would see it joining the A519 further north nearer to Beech, closing the road for up to a year.

“Swynnerton road re-alignments, particularly that of the A51, involve loss of land, and warrant further investigation,” Swynnerton Parish Council Chairman Roy James told the Gazette.

A Swynnerton resident was shocked.

“It is only when you read the proposals and look at the maps that you realise just what a disaster the scheme will be for this area,” she told the Gazette.

“Bizarrely, while the A51 is closed for one year for this work to take place, its traffic is going to be diverted along Stab Lane. Imagine the disruption – how could that ever work?”

“It is very difficult to imagine how all this will look but it won’t be pretty,” she continued. “All this in an area of rolling hills, quality farmland and rich wildlife.”

“My concern is that few local people seem to be fully aware of what is coming. We have until 7th November to respond to the latest consultations, and I hope people in Swynnerton will do so.”

Details of the proposed changes are available online. Search for ‘High Speed Two Phase 2a West Midlands to Crewe CA3 Stone and Swynnerton’ to open a page with links to .pdf files of Community Area Reports and Map Books. The 203 –page Swynnerton Community Area Report and Map Book is CA3.

Responses to the Swynnerton area proposals can be submitted online or by post using an 8-page response form entitled:

High Speed Two Phase 2a: West Midlands to Crewe Working Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report Response form.

Replies can be submitted either online to DraftEnvironmental2a@dialoguebydesign.net by email to



The consultation closes at 23.45 on 7th November