“Use local road funds to make space for cycling at same time” says Cycling UK


Cycling UK in its initial reaction to the chancellor, Philip Hammond’s, Autumn Statement yesterday which announced £1.1bn to upgrade local roads, urged local authorities to use this opportunity to incorporate high quality cycle facilities at the same time.

Paul Tuohy, Cycling UK’s CEO, said:

“Local roads are what everyone uses most regularly, but they are so often overlooked when it comes to public spending in place of big budget projects like motorways or A-roads.
“The chancellor’s pledge of £1.1bn to upgrade our local roads is a real opportunity for councils to tackle not just congestion, but also the health issues caused by dire air quality and physical inactivity.
“Local authorities must use these new local road funds to make Space for Cycling at the same time. This would be a cost efficient use of new money that will benefit all road users and the local community.”


This is an initial reaction to the chancellor’s Autumn Statement in the House of Commons, and Cycling UK’s full analysis of will be published later.


See their website at http://www.cyclinguk.org