Winter Gardening Advice From Our Expert



Hello Gazette readers,

With the first blast of the arctic air coming in, winter is definitely here. You need to make sure your garden is ready in time for the dark nights, frost and snow that is about to creep in.


Key jobs and tips for the winter:

* Order seed catalogues and plants that you’re going to grow in the spring

* Remember that your indoor garden still needs to be fed

* Prevent containers planted with winter bedding or all-year-round shrubs from freezing solid by wrapping them with bubble wrap or taking them into shelter

* Scrub your paving and patio with a broom or blasting with a pressure washer to ensure there are no slimy patches.

* Avoid decked areas as these become very slippy during winter or like the patio areas have them power washed.



Weeds in the new year:

A single weed left to mature can produce a big problem. Hundreds, if not thousands, of seeds will come from that one weed. This will create a weed plague in your garden next year, so weed the garden one last time. Ensuring all your weeds are picked and the roots removed, this will stop them growing back in the spring.

With Autumnal colours vanishing from the garden, the season coming to the end and Winter on the near horizon, it is time to enjoy the contour of black and white and relax to the simplicity that winter brings. If you do however need any additional help don’t hesitate to get in touch even if it for just some advice. We are here to help.



Jason Harker
Jason Harker

Jason is a professional gardener and landscaper, and owner of JHPS-Gardens Ltd. He regularly writes a piece for the Sentinel newspaper and is a go to expert on BBC Radio Stoke’s Gardening programme.