Bedroom Trends: How To Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

Although not every home has a room that can be left in a permanently decorated state for guests, if yours is one that does, then you will want it to be inviting. You will want it to be cosy. You will want it to be comfortable. And that all starts with the furniture. The wallpaper and carpeting can be arranged to suit whatever bed, chest of drawers, and side tables you choose.

Something else that should be considered when decorating a guest bedroom is the guest him or herself. If you have one person – or a couple, perhaps – who stays more than anyone else, you could try to decorate the room so that they feel they are in a home away from home. You could buy a fantastically comfortable bed with a padded headboard if you know they love to read at night . You might think about adding a desk and chair to the room if you know they will need to do some work when they’re staying at yours. Or perhaps you could include a lovely set of shelves to hold a range of DVDs so that your guest can have some space to watch a movie. And of course, when it comes to bedclothes, try to choose something that is patterned in their favourite colour, or includes something that they enjoy such as a particular flower. They will appreciate the efforts that you go to for them.
It is also a good idea to include some practical comforts too. Use a ceiling fan for your light fixture and your guest can keep cool on hot nights – plus they look cool anyway. Another way to ensure your guest feels comfortable and at home are blackout curtains or a thermostat solely for their room.

Although the room is in your home, it is a good idea not to fill it with photos and mementoes of you and your family. The rest of the house is ideal for that, but the guest bedroom needs to be a kind of sanctuary for then to go to, and for that to happen it needs to be an impersonal kind of space. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be comfortable – of course it should. The best way to imagine the room is to think of it as a room in a hotel. How are they decorated? That’s what your guest will probably be looking for.

As for the unexpected guest, you don’t need to worry about that either. Although it is nice to have a bit of time to prepare, as long as you have the space for a bed, you can order a fabulous one from Bedstar for next day delivery (Monday to Friday). So you can create a gorgeous, comfortable guest room with very little notice indeed!