Canal & River Trust launch Love My Stretch

Love My Stretch is a new way for to protect your favourite canal or river.

Talking to boaters, people out and about on the towpaths, and at our open days and museums, it’s clear that the waterways mean different things to different people. But whether it’s favourite cycle route, the place you go for peace and quiet or the spot where you fell in love, everyone seems to have a stretch of the waterways that’s extra special to them.

We love hearing why our waterways have a place in people’s hearts, so to celebrate your memorable places and give their stories a home of their own, we’ve developed a dedicated new site to just called – Love My Stretch.

Find your favourite stretch on the map, share your story and donate to help maintain our beauty waterways, and that special spot will be yours for a year, with a dedicated space on our map and a beautiful certificate for you to keep. You can also browse through and see other memorable spots across the network for inspiration. Support your favourite stretch and ensure these historic treasures and the habitats they provide are kept safe for generations to come.



* Unusual gift

* Helps maintenance of historic treasures

* Featured on the CRT website

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