January jobs in your garden

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It is January 2017. Winter is here in all its glory, the snow and icy weather has not yet creeped in so why not start planning your garden ready for spring? Adding a water feature will not only make your garden more aesthetically pleasing but also bring wildlife to your garden.

Pond care:

Looking after your pond is very important as they are a center piece in any garden.

– Remove leaves from the pond.

– Don’t crack the ice but let a saucepan of hot water melt a hole instead.

– Check water levels regularly to make sure that you have no leaks.

At JHPS our team are experts at laying ponds. What better time to bring a little bit of attention to your garden? They will not only create a beautiful water feature in your garden for you to enjoy, you will also be provided advise on how to look after and maintain the area.



A pond can bring attract many forms of wildlife to your garden. Dragonflies, Water Beetles, Newts and the many others will flock to your garden once a pond is built so you need to ensure plant life does not over run your pond. You may not want to remove your plants but it will allow your pond to sustain as many different species as possible.


Lawn care:

All lawns need feeding to maintain healthy. In the winter try to keep off your lawn as much as possible. The grass will damage easily and will not repair themselves until the spring.

If you would like any advice of landscaping ideas and designs or would like to enquire about our regular or one off maintenance feel free to get in contact for a free, no obligation quote and have the garden you desire.



Jason Harker

Jason is a professional gardener and landscaper, and owner of JHPS-Gardens Ltd.

He regularly writes a piece for our website, plus the Sentinel newspaper, and is a go to expert on BBC Radio Stoke’s Gardening programme.