Longton Probus Club 40th Anniversary

(from Left to Right) 1. Roger Hulse, President, Tunstall and District Probus Club 2. Adrian Ford, President, Kidsgrove Probus Club 3. Brian Barton, President, Uttoxeter Probus Club 4. Nick Davies, President, Whitmore Newcastle Probus Club 5 Roger Barnard, President, Longton Probus Club 6. Trevor Houghton, President, Stafford Probus Club 7. Robert Thurston, Past President, Blackfriars Newcastle Probus Club 8. Brian Lewis, President, Trentley Probus Club9. Peter Kent, President, Cheadle Moorlands Probus Club

Longton Probus Club celebrate their 40th Anniversary in 2017. They hold their monthly meetings at the Upper House Hotel in Barlaston.

As the first of a series of celebratory events January’s meeting was attended by 8 representatives of other local Probus Clubs, as well as 52 members of the host club.

A very interesting talk was given by Bob Kermeen on the subject of ‘ Iraq from 1914 -2006’.

Other events this 40th Anniversary year include – tree planting and a gift for each member as well as the usual programme of monthly talks, day visits, holidays and rambles.

Probus clubs are open to people who are, normally, retired from Professional Business positions. Most clubs are male only, but there are some mixed. Locally there are no female only Probus Clubs, though many exist elsewhere.