On Friday 20th January 2017 Moddershall Cricket Club and Oulton Cricket Clubs formally merged at their First Annual General Meeting and are now known as

“Moddershall & Oulton Cricket Club”

Contrary to social media comments this is not a ‘big club’ swallowing up a little club thus removing the small clubs identity. It is in fact simply the merging of two country village cricket clubs from the same Parish, which allows both clubs keep their identity as they move forward and work together as one.

Over the last few years it’s been well documented of Oulton’s plight through their lack of juniors – a denied promotion, followed by two enforced relegations, which would test the strongest of clubs, so when presented with ‘can we discuss a merger or else we’ll fold’, then it leaves you with an unenviable dilemma, one which was taken very seriously.

It was apparent from the outset that Oulton were indeed a strong club, with a stable management committee who shared a similar ethos and standards to those of Moddershall. Unfortunately, with how recreational cricket has evolved, a lack of junior sides meant if Oulton had remained on their own, they had nowhere to go and without help they would fold.

The driving force behind the merger was that Moddershall couldn’t see and be a part of another club folding, and that the people of Oulton don’t deserve this to happen in what appears to becoming a more regular occurrence in league cricket.

We are pleased to announce after many hours of meetings, discussions and thought processes that Moddershall and Oulton Cricket Clubs have completed the decision to move forward with the merger as we strongly believe this is for the better of the game and that cricket can continue and thrive at both Barnfields and The Spencer Copeland Cricket Grounds.

Secretary – Moddershall & Oulton Cricket Club