New Year Gardening Jobs – from our Expert


Happy New year gazette readers,

Why not perch somewhere warm and cozy, planning your garden during these frosty winter days with a nice warm hot chocolate. There are many options from planning a big garden tidy up in the spring or completely re-design your garden? A little bit of bit of extra care, with your garden, now, goes a long way.

Garden maintenance:

Clean up:

Gather up all the tools that you have used over the past few months and give them a good cleaning this is vital. This removes all the dirt and rust to ensure they will be in perfect condition. Use a mild detergent to disinfect pots and seed trays.

Check Structures:

Check you fences, sheds, gates, and other structures for signs of weakness or rot and get them repaired before the snow and high winds arrive. This will not only make your garden more aesthetically pleasing but also practical.

Winter garden:

Spring and Summer are not the only seasons for gardening. The cooler months should not turn our attention elsewhere. There is still plenty to be done outside in the Winter. It is important to prepare your garden for the growing season.

* Mulch everything that you need to keep warm and moist. Mulch is not just for stopping weeds, it makes your garden look nice and can protect tender perennials.

* If you don’t have a greenhouse, you could always build some cold frames instead. This way you can have your heart set on growing some fresh products all year long.

* Protect your trees and shrubs, bundle all your tender saplings and young shrubs living in the garden.

* Start eliminating those weeds before they start going to seed. Pull them up as they start to appear during any warm spells.

If you need any help getting the most from your garden over these cold months, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. It is still cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can still enjoy your garden, we have excellent teams who do amazing jobs on both landscaping and maintenance. So, if you fancy a new green house or having your garden tidied up ready for the summer? Get in contact for a free, no obligation quote.


Jason Harker

Jason is a professional gardener and landscaper, and owner of JHPS-Gardens Ltd.

He regularly writes a piece for our website, plus the Sentinel newspaper, and is a go to expert on BBC Radio Stoke’s Gardening programme.