Regent Travel’s annual charity fund raiser


On the 8th December 2016 – Regent Travel in Stone High St was 30 years old. I know it’s difficult to believe, as they all look so young, David was a mere child when he started the company!

To commemorate David’s and Regent’s achievements the staff commissioned local artist ‘Emma Joustra‘ to design a colourful, highly detailed, but quirky and fun World Map. The theme of the picture is based around David’s travels with Regent around the world over the past 30 years.The map will have pride of place Regent’s offices for all to see.

Over the years David has dreamt up some wonderful and amazing holidays for his travellers and the staff felt this picture would be a wonderful reminder to everyone of what they have all achieved.

David will be presented with the Joustra world map at Regent’s annual Charity fund raiser on the 9th of February at The Upper House in Barlaston, where a minimum of 140 of their travellers and trade partners will join him for an evening of light-hearted entertainment, as David regales them with witty tales of his travel experiences during 2016.

This is an evening event and is expected to last 1.5 hours with guests donating a minimum of £5pp on the night for the charity.

If you would like to attend, places are limited so please phone Regent on 01785 818852 to confirm your place.