Stone in Bloom’s volunteers take down Christmas!

Left to right – Ray Wyatt, Dave Chetwynd and Mick Plant

Stone in Bloom’s volunteers were busy throughout January taking down the Christmas trees.

Many new businesses bought the Christmas trees this year which set a twinkling trail from Lymestone Brewery through the town all the way down to Stafford Street. Once again generous traders helped the town put on a great display for the festive season, but the biggest Christmas tree to be seen for miles was the magnificent plane tree, dressed up with huge baubles and lights .

Every Christmas tree taken down was sent for recycling, some for mulch and others to provide shelters for stocks of pheasants.  It was during the Christmas tree work party that we had a very welcome surprise when hot drinks were brought out from the Crown hotel for every volunteer, so big thanks to them. All the sad looking brown areas of dead wild flowers have been prepped ready for sowing seeds for the big splash of colour that is now expected annually in Stone, with the glorious show of wild flowers.

February is a busy month for gardeners with spring just around the corner and hopefully your bulbs will soon be making an appearance. It’s time to prune shrubs and thin out climbers such as Passion Flower, Wisteria and Jasmine. In the greenhouse plant pots and seed trays need cleaning and a general clean of the greenhouse is a good thing to get rid of any garden pests.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) theme this year is Greening Grey Britain. The trend to pave drives means one in three front gardens have no plants in them (that’s 5 million UK gardens). To help towards stopping flooding, pollution and climate change they are asking that people begin to grow plants in their front gardens to encourage insects and wildlife and benefit the environment. Perhaps you would consider putting plant pots or a climber against a wall if you have transformed your garden from green to grey concrete. Yes it helps parking difficulties and makes life easier if you found gardening difficult, but if your neighbours either side do the same, then rain water runs off into the road instead of sinking in, more water then carries any debris such as leaves down the gutters and blocks grids creating a flood risk.

If you would like to give a little time to your town then call Tracey for details on 07545 780935.