BREAKING NEWS – Crown Wharf Development


An exciting development is being proposed for Crown Wharf, Stone.

The Council has been approached by Joules Brewery and Stone Revellers members Leo Capernaros and Harri Bailey for their support with a project which would see the Brewery:

* Restore Wharfingers Cottage for use as a restaurant/coffee shop.

* Create a Joules Brewery Tap with the potential of housing a Joules shop.

* Facilitate space for a potential new build community theatre/cinema.

* Facilitate space with potential for the Town Council to create a new build heritage and tourist information centre.

It is early days yet, and dependent on a bid to the Canal and River Trust, who currently own the land.

Councillor Rob Kenney, Chairman of the Council’s General Purposes Committee, said

“This is a great opportunity for a new leisure and tourism development in Stone which could provide both an attractive gateway to the town for canal visitors and exciting new facilities for residents. The Town Council are happy to support this development in principle and work with Joules Brewery, as we would with any organisation bringing forward such a proposal, to help it come to fruition in a way that maximises benefit to the town.”

More on this in the March Gazette……