Fake tobacco and cigarettes seized in Staffordshire shop raid

Just some of the counterfeit tobacco and illicit cigarettes seized.

Nearly 3,000 fake or illicit cigarettes and over 5kg of counterfeit tobacco were seized from a shop in Rugeley on Thursday.

Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards team found cigarettes, which have are thought been illegally imported from the United States as well as cartons of Mayfair and Richmond cigarettes, which are thought to be counterfeit. A total of 2,820 illicit cigarettes and 5.35kg of fake hand rolling tobacco were seized.

It is the latest in a series of visits targeting premises supplying illicit and fake tobacco across Staffordshire. The Rugeley raid was supported by Staffordshire Police.

Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader Gill Heath said:

“Our trading standards team responded to intelligence and successfully disrupted the supply of potentially dangerous tobacco and cigarettes in Rugeley. This is part of our ongoing operation to tackle the sale of illicit and counterfeit tobacco in Staffordshire. Illicit cigarettes can be especially dangerous as they do not extinguish if left, which legitimate ones do. Counterfeit sales damage businesses and can fund criminal gangs.”