National Award for Stone’s Jeff and Becky

A Stone couple who use their own weight loss to help others shed the inches are celebrating after winning a national award.

Jeff & Becky Dean are Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants and were nominated by their clients for the national Cambridge Weight Plan ‘Above and Beyond’ Award.

Jeff and Becky are successful Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants who work from three different centres, two in Staffordshire and one in the North West. They have been running their business for just over 6 years and have built up the reputation that they go the extra mile with every client, making their weight loss journeys an unforgettable and life changing experience!

Both Becky and Jeff are successful because they have been in the same position as so many of their current clients and this helps them advise and motivate every one of the people who they see and want to lose the inches. They found Cambridge Weight Plan in 2010, after trying many different diets without success. Following years of yo-yo dieting and always ending up regaining the weight plus more they followed the plan and with the 1 to 1 support and motivation from their consultant they lost 8 stone between them.

Jeff & Becky were nominated out of 3400 consultants nationwide and were only one of 12 consultants who won the award.

“It was fantastic,” Jeff says. “We were shocked and we never expected that we would win, they only give 12 of these out each year!

I love helping people and this does not feel like a job at all.”

Now Jeff and Becky both help support all their clients with their brilliant and caring 1 to 1 consultations which really does help motivate people into changing their lifestyle. Cambridge Weight Plan is a flexible six-step plan which helps to cut down on the foods and help re-educate your system to eat less and enjoy life more.