St. Dominic’s Priory School exhibition to mark The Stations of the Cross

St. Dominic’s Priory Schools Year 9’s participation in the Cross Curricular project of the Stations of the Cross is now in its tenth year; it involves a collaboration between religious studies, art and the music departments and has become something of a tradition at the school.

During the Spring Term and inspired by a particular artist or style, or indeed by a particular theme, pupils work to create a set of Stations for the schools devotional service, held on the last day of term.

This year the school was kindly offered the artwork of a professional artist, Nigel Robert Pugh, an abstract artist who is hugely influenced by colour and by religious symbolism of colour, which was apparent in this series of his paintings.

The artwork was displayed in the school library which was opened to the public for viewing; the students then started to work from them for a period of 3 days.

St. Dominic’s Priory School would like to express their thanks to Pugh for giving them the opportunity to view his artwork, students found the exhibition very inspiring and have produced some meaningful pieces for the end of term devotional service.