Stone Festival work begins to crank up

“Work for this years week long Stone Festival is well and truly on the move now, with all of our 32 events being worked on in earnest, bringing to the people of Stone an even more varied and wonderful experience!

Starting from the end of May to almost the middle of June now, as the calendar has been extended to fit in all the various events, the previous years one week slot has simply been overtaken by the volume of new activities on offer.

Our goal is to provide something for everyone and ensure that all families in Stone have something to look forward to either participating or watching. One of great interest will be Two Wheeled Tuesday when on Tuesday 6th June Wentbridge Park will be THE Venue to go to if you like everything from bikes to Scooters to some serious motorbikes too.

New to this event is the running of a safe Round Wentbridge Park cycling course so a great reason to get your bikes out Mum and Dad and join your children in a safe pleasurable ride with others in great Scenery. Activities will be on down in the Park and it is hoped that the Carnival Atmosphere will ensue.  So what of the rest of the Festival, well you will have read about many of our other events like Soapbox Race on 29th May (Still got some places left if you want to enter)  and all of our famous events like Raft Race, Dog Show and Steeplechase plus the Carnival of course.

But what about Football Golf and Quiddach? Yes new event coming to Westbridge Park, and how much fun is trying a round of golf with a football into some very large holes? Matters not if you are a budding Mr Rooney age 7 or a recently retired 45 year old amateur, why not give it a go?  We do however have a couple of questions of you all – we would like to run a Tug O War on Carnival day in the Park – any organisers of such events fancy lending us a hand? Also we are looking at local dance Acts again to entertain? Any budding children and their dance clubs fancy coming down on Carnival Saturday to entertain and get involved? If so we would love to see you there so why not get in touch with us through the Stone Festival Website”

Grahame Neagus – Stone Festival