1966 and the Soapbox Race

With only a few weeks to go now until the second Annual Stone Soapbox Race on Bank Holiday Monday 29th May, it has been reported that many hammer bangs and power drills whizzing  have been heard from across the various sheds and man caves of Stone and surrounding areas as the entrants being to build their creations for the Race! Yes things seem to be moving on at a pace now as the event gathers more speed and entries for the event, which is hoped to bring in the same phenomenal crowds as it did last year, are received. 

Photo courtesy of the Staffordshire Newsletter

So what is the link with 1966 I hear you ask?

Well we are delighted to announce that we will have none other than the Mr Gordon Banks, our England Goalkeeper from 1966 World Cup and Stoke FC player for many years, kindly agree to be one of our judges in 2017! We are thrilled and honoured at Gordons’ inclusion this year and he will be kindly assisted by 3 other very able local personalities ranging from the young to the not so young! If anyone is now thinking of entering and coming down either in Stoke FC stripe or as a Soapbox Goal, then you may win the heart of at least one judge!

Many of the entrants from last year including the winning Soapbox from Viking Buildings of Stafford, are already booked in, but giving them a good go in 2017 will be the return of the Bri-Stor and Alpha Manufacturing teams from Hixon as well as our friends at The Royal Exchange, CSG and St Dominics School plus a whole list of new first timer as well.

“We are delighted to announce that Bri-Stor Systems and Alpha Manufacturing of Hixon have kindly agreed to sponsor the event this year as well as participating for the second year through their Apprentices Programme – They like all the other competitors have really taken to the spirit of the event as well as the engineering excellence too. We are all looking forward hugely to seeing what creations will be in the High Street this year and we are sure that it will be even better than last year. We are trying to reach a magic figure of 50 entrants in 2017 and still have a number of spaces left, so there is still time to get things sorted and make it a hugely fun bank Holiday Monday for everyone.” says Organiser Grahame Neagus.

Complimenting the jumps will be a new and exciting “Burn” will be included in the run for the first time, giving the event an even greater interest plus the fact that all teams will be going down the course twice just to prove that they can improve, or not as the case may be, from the initial run.

The start will be again off the side of a HGV kindly supplied by Bassetts Transport of Tittensor and Stone Radio will be providing all of the entertainment whilst the judges will be marking as per last year, the entrants efforts at their introductions before setting off down the ramp.

So if you are 3 intrepid people, regardless of sex or age, why not sign up and give it a go – we will be delighted to receive your entry. Entry packs are available from grahame@octavarium.co.uk and for more information on this and all the other Festival events, why not come along and see us at the April and May Farmers Markets down the High Street.