Hilderstone Village Defibrillator

In 2015 Hilderstone Village Hall Management Committee purchased a Defibrillator for villagers to use in emergencies. The members of the committee believed it was important that the village of Hilderstone (in common with other villages in Staffordshire) had the facility available. The box is checked on a regular basis.

The Defibrillator at Hilderstone Village Hall was installed through arrangements made by AEDdonate. AEDdonate is a UK registered charity, based in Stone. The principal activity of AEDdonate is to provide Automated External Defibrillators to be accessible to the public. AEDdonate has successfully installed Automated External Defibrillators for many communities, both locally and elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Instructions for use of the Hilderstone Defibrillator are clearly shown on the door of the box. To gain access to the cabinet in an emergency, in the first instance you should dial 999. The cabinet is registered with the ambulance service and they will deploy the AED if required. To assist emergency services it is important to note that the location of the Defibrillator is Hilderstone Village Hall, post code ST15 8XS. If you need to report a fault or have a general question you can call AEDdonate on 01785 472224. They operate a 24 hour service.

A training session took place in Hilderstone shortly after the Defibrillator was installed. AEDdonate will be arranging training sessions in their new AEDdonate training room in Stone. Details of those sessions will appear in the Stone Gazette in the AEDdonate Heart to Heart section. If further training sessions for the Hilderstone Defibrillator are required, the initial point of contact is either Iain Britton (01889 505102) or Jenny Crump (01889 505674). It is hoped more Hilderstone villagers will wish to learn how to save a life.