Hitting the right note!

Year 1 pupils from St. Dominic’s Catholic Primary School, produced ringing in the ears for the residents of Stone when they visited St Michael’s church as part of their multicultural week.

Members of the bell ringing team demonstrated how to move the bells, which could be seen on the recently installed CCTV monitors, before the pupils were given the opportunity to try their hand.

Pupils were given a tour of the church and a peep into the mausoleum by the Rev. Ian Carinal, with Phillip Leason and a team of parishoners on hand to explain the history of the church and its role in the Stone community when first constructed. Entering pews by a door fascinated the children who are used to modern open benches in their own church.

The visit gave the children an opportunity to experience other Christian worship settings in their locale and how much they shared with them.

Class teacher, Miss Hannah Boast said,

“ The visit was a great introduction to our multi-cultural week and really enhanced our learning. Thank you to all the parishoners who helped to make the children and staff feel so welcome.”