Latest News from Stone In Bloom

Stone in Bloom’s volunteers are clearing various areas of the town ready for our influx of spring tourists (many arriving by narrow boat) and of course for our residents too.

Sundays are the main days for our work parties and volunteers spent a couple of hours concentrating on the Whitebridge area clearing litter and dead wood from around the bridge which was a particular problem.

2016 was such a momentous year for Stone with Joe Clarke our Olympic Gold medalist arriving home to a tumultuous welcome from what was estimated to be a crowd of over 10,000 strong. Stone in Bloom had made sure our town was fit to receive a hero as we had been working in the town for months prior to his return and hopefully visitors to the town will return again this year.

Jill Mountford – who painted the Downs Banks

London Midland Rail Franchise made contact with Stone in Bloom at their Art Class Poster Competition held at Stone Station on Friday February 17th. The art class has designed and painted posters of local areas and the posters will be featured on London Midland stations. The standard is extremely impressive, especially as some of the artists are first timers!

Through that meeting at Stone Station the In Bloomers have been asked to create a garden area on the far side of the Stone Station; we already supply and plant the troughs and planters around the station on the Station House side of the track so it seems a sensible move to extend to the other side too.

We always impress on people that Stone in Bloom is not just about gardening, but the station project will be just that. It may be that you have creative gardening ideas to improve the Station area and are willing to volunteer, if so call Chairman Grahame on 07866 002111.

If you walk through Crown Meadow you will see the scrapes are looking really bleak and devoid of any plants. They have been cleared of all the bull rushes which were planted without permission with devastating results. The rushes have suffocated the marsh plants and shrubs and the roots were so deeply embedded and knotted it took days to clear them out, a very expensive exercise of manpower and machinery, which could have been avoided by whoever planted them by just asking for advice. Now we can begin to plan what we will plant there to fit in and thrive in the all year round wet conditions, plus encouraging wildlife.

We always need more volunteers to give just a few hours a week; you don’t have to commit to every week just whenever you feel like a workout!

 Call secretary Tracey on 07545 780935 for further details