Local Partnership Established to Battle Alzheimer’s Disease

A partnership approach to research into Alzheimer’s Disease has now begun for the very first time at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) and North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust (NSCHT).

The newly established Neurodegenerative Active Partnership (NO GAP) team has recently opened its first joint study, after the two NHS Trusts joined forces in late 2015 to battle neurodegenerative diseases. The union sees a first-of-its-kind role set up between both Trusts, to bridge the gap between research in primary care and local mental health services, improving patient care and treatments.

Already the new joint working team, set up by Emily Howard, Research Sister at UHNM, and Kerri Mason, Researcher at NSCHT, has been recognised at the Clinical Research Network West Midlands annual awards, winning the ‘Collaboration in Research’ award. The team was also commended at the UHNM ‘A Night Full of Stars’ staff awards, winning the ‘Research Impact Award’.

Martin Booth, Research Coordinator, holds the newly established role within the NO GAP team. He said:

“When I was appointed to the role a lot of work took place behind the scenes. This included engagement and strengthening collaboration between the two Trusts, in order to build fluid working relationships between UHNM and NSCHT R&D clinical teams to offer these specialised clinical trials.

“Following a lengthy set-up process we now have our first joint trial open, which sees a collaborative approach to research delivery across organisations through building and sharing capacity.”

Prof Tony Fryer, R&D Director at UHNM, said:

“This represents the first of what we hope will be many future studies, building on the partnership between the two organisations. It is a priority of ours to provide the latest research to local patients with neurodegenerative diseases and we are delighted that all the hard work is starting to pay off.”

Dr Buki Adeyemo, Medical Director at NSCHT, said:

“We are delighted that this meaningful partnership between our two organisations will ensure that our patients and carers have access to high-quality Neurodegenerative research. We hope to continue to work together, bridging the gap in research delivery.”