Siren Stories Host Book Release Party For Local Authors

Authors J.J. Barnes and Jonathan McKinney at the launch

On February 28th the Sirens Launch Book Release Party was held at The Swan Hotel in Stafford.

J.J. Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, who both attended Blessed William Howard High School in Stafford, have released their debut novels in the Siren Stories universe. J.J. Barnes, 31, has released Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, the first novel in the upcoming Lilly Prospero Series.

She writes about the nervous and lonely fifteen year old Lilly who, after being gifted a magical talking rabbit, discovers she has incredible powers. Thrust into a world of danger amidst people who would use her power for evil, Lilly must learn to fight for the lives of herself and her friends.

Jonathan McKinney, 34, has released Emily The Master Enchantress, the first novel in the upcoming Schildmaids Saga. It follows the life of Emily Hayes-Brennan as she is recruited into the mysterious Schildmaids, a crime fighting team in New York city. Together they take on monsters, both literal and metaphorical, in efforts to save the lives of both other people and themselves.

The Sirens Launch party included friends and family of the two authors, fans of the two series, bloggers and journalists, as well as Siren Stories staff including proof reader Zoe Marshall and illustrator Sarah Lewis, both also of Stafford.

Illustrator Sarah Lewis was on hand to speak to fans too

As well as photo ops and book signings, J.J. and Jonathan held a live broadcast on Facebook to announce the winner of a competition which had been running in the previous days to win a signed copy of Emily The Master Enchantress, which Jonathan signed live on air for the competition winner, Courtney Carlyle.

The two authors work and live in Stafford with their three children; Rose (4), Ezekiel (3), and Buffy (8 months). J.J. works as a full time writer and stay at home mother and Jonathan currently in customer services.

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