Staffordshire Gin Partnership – Nelson’s Gin to use Wade Ceramics

Nelson’s Gin have are to change their bottle to a white ceramic style, and have chosen local firm Wade Ceramics to produce it for them.

Wade Ceramics, based in Stoke on Trent, produce specialist Ceramic packaging for a plethora of luxury brands around the world – from Burberry to Bell’s and Famous Grouse.

Greg Kimber from Nelson’s Gin Distillery and Gin School based in Uttoxeter, told the Gazette

“We have decided to change our bottle to a white ceramic style, due to feedback from professionals in the trade and also for export. The feedback was that our current glass bottle, with the clear label, was not standing out on the shelves either in a shop or bar/restaurant, hence being lost amongst all the other gin’s available. We have taken this feedback onboard and reacted, as we are keen to work along side all of our stockists and support them in anyway possible. We pride ourselves in being different to other gin’s and will always try our best to stand out from the crowd.

The new bottle is an example of the high quality and effort we put into our gin, always trying to exceed customers expectations and keep up with trends. We have added all the information that people like to know about our gin and how it’s made onto the back of the bottles, which makes some interesting reading.

Nelson’s Gin is only at the beginning of our journey and sales in 2016 surpassed all of our expectations and we are heading towards a very successful 2017. Nelson’s Gin was voted in the top 5 gin’s for 2016 by, please follow link

Consumers will now be purchasing a beautiful bottle to go with our delicious gin, a style of bottle that people would not throw away but keep on show in their home.”

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