Stone Market serves success for Stone Rugby Club recruitment

Stone Rugby Club start their 2017 recruitment campaign off with a buzz, with a busy stall at the bustling Stone Farmers market.

The stand was visited by Staffordshire Rugby Chairman, Becky Davies, who came to show her support.

The event received some strong social media traction, which is hoped to attract more players to the aspiring club, who are currently contending near the top of the Staffordshire Merit Devision One league.

Stone are keen to introduce new members to the club having moved from the old Bibby’s site, to their new home with Stone Hockey Club on Enson Lane. With plans afoot for a major redevelopment of their new site to include a brand new clubhouse, the local side are keen to increase awareness and support within the community, and entice some to get their on and join in.

The club was also able to allure many passing visitors of the market into buying England Rugby raffle tickets, in a bid to raise funds for the club.

Tickets are still on sale and can be bought by contacting either the vice-chairman, Simon, or secretary, Ruth via their website: