If you know a children’s group, elderly person’s day centre, hospice or hospital where a visit from a seven foot Easter Bunny and his bounty of Easter eggs would be appreciated, then please let us know!

It’s that time of year again and the huge Swansway Easter Bunny goes out giving away Easter eggs, hugs and fun around the local area. Family owned and run Swansway Group operates both Stoke Audi and Stafford Land Rover; alongside their hugely popular Santa Patrol the business is rolling out its third Swansway Easter Eggs-travaganza and they’re looking for nominations of groups which would benefit from an Easter Bunny visit.

Swansway Director, David Smyth, explained,

“The Easter Bunny is so much fun, whether you’re a poorly child or maybe a lonely older person, a hug from the bunny and a lovely chocolatey egg are a great way to celebrate the start of spring”.

“We’re  looking to brighten up Easter not just for kids, but for the elderly, those in hospices and long term care. Please get in touch with us at social@swanswaygarages.com if you know of a group which would like some Swansway Easter bunny love”!