5th Stone Rainbows visit to The Mayor

5th Stone Rainbows visited Stafford Borough Mayor Cllr Geoff Collier and Mayoress Cllr Cathy Collier (Cathy also is Stone District Girlguiding Commissioner) last month .

They were given a warm welcome by The Mayor and Mayoress. The evening started off with the Rainbows in a circle singing their Rainbow song, the Mayor also joined in! The Mayor’s Sergeant ,David proceeded to give a wonderful insight into the history of Stafford’s Mayor.

The Rainbows enjoyed having their photos taken wearing the gold Mayor’s chain and looking at all the different items in the chambers.

The girls thanked the Mayor and Mayoress for their special invite and finished with their Rainbow song to end their meeting.

The evening ended with  their Rainbow Oliva (doll) being passed  on to the Mayor to look after for the week…no doubt lots of tales to tell the following week back at Rainbows!