Channel 4’s Find It, Fix It, Flog Want You!

L-R Henry Cole & Simon O’Brien
Channel 4’s Award Winning “Find It, Fix It, Flog It” presented by Henry Cole & Simon O’Brien are looking for participants in the Staffordshire area for its upcoming new series.
We are on the hunt for people with barns or sheds filled with any unwanted items, which can be turned into a nice little earner for you! This can be anything from an old piece of furniture in the attic which needs a little bit of love, to a broken-down motor which is just gathering dust in the garage.
Our presenters will take two items away each to work on and either restore or repurpose them. They will look to increase its value as much as possible and then sell them on with all profits going straight to you.
We are looking at some locations within the next couple of weeks so if you are interested at all or would like some more information about taking part then please feel free to email us at or otherwise phone us on 02920 223456.