Sunshine for the soul: 30 Days Wild registration now open

People across Staffordshire are being encouraged to sign up for a free special pack full of encouragement to get them engaging with nature throughout the whole of June.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is inviting people across the county to take part in The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild, an initiative challenging individuals, friends and families to sign up for a pack full of encouragement and ideas to do something wild every day during June.

By registering, individuals, families and schools will receive packs full of nature themed ideas for the month, a wallchart to track progress and record adventures, a wild badge plus other goodies.

The challenge involves people doing something nature related each day during June by carrying out ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ –  practical, fun and quirky ideas for connecting with the wild around us.

Challenges can be as simple as feeling the grass between your toes, planting wildflowers in your garden, reading your favourite nature book or downloading a phone app to tell the difference between different bird calls.

People can spend a few minutes, or a few hours each day enjoying nature – how they do it is up to them.

Jon Owen, Press and Social Media Officer for the Trust, said:

“Hundreds of people across Staffordshire took part in 30 Days Wild last year and it was so pleasing to see what people were getting up to as part of the initiative.

“The aim is to reconnect people with nature. Life can be hectic, and it is difficult sometimes to take a step back and look at the beauty that surrounds us and is close to us.

“One of the best things about 30 Days Wild is it’s up to you how to tackle the challenge. Even if you miss a day, you can just pick it up the next day and go from there.

“Not only is 30 days wild great fun, but researchers have proved that it’s great for your health, too.”

Lucy McRobert at The Wildlife Trusts, said:

“Last year thousands of people carried out 1.8 million Random Acts of Wildness during 30 Days Wild. That’s 1.8 million precious moments that brought people closer to nature and enhanced their lives.

“The Wildlife Trusts aim to double that number this year – and we hope that the connections people make with the wild around them will ensure that it is better protected for the future too.”

30 Days Wild packs include a packet of wildflower seeds, activity sheets, a calendar to record adventures, stickers, and a poster.  Schools will get a large deck of ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ cards for inspiring ideas.

Head to to sign up.