Do you have memories of Swynnerton?

Swynnerton & Yarnfield WI are proposing to develop a local history information board for Swynnerton featuring Frobisher Hall and the Royal Ordnance Factory at nearby Cold Meece, Linda Mottram writes.

The information would be based around facts supplied by a local historian and photos in the Staffordshire Archives.

“We would also love to hear from anyone who was connected to Frobisher Hall, or who could supply us with any additional photos of the site. We also have our Swynnerton WI records from those years which reveal insights into daily life and even entertainment by a choir from Frobisher Hall.”

A similar project for Yarnfield and the connected Halls – Duncan, Beatty & Howard is under consideration for the future.

“This initiative has come about because we have many visitors to Swynnerton who come here for a drink and a stroll but who not be aware of the historical context and importance of our sleepy English village and its beautiful countryside.”

If you have memories of Swynnerton to share, please phone Linda on 01782 796628 or 07818 435330