Jawbone the Movie Premiere 8th May – Stoke/Staffordshire Boxing Film

People will have the chance to see a live broadcast of the UK premiere of a boxing blockbuster that was filmed in Stoke-on- Trent.

Hollywood icon Ray Winstone heads a cast of major movie stars in the film Jawbone, which is being premiered nationally on Monday, May 8.

Only a few cinemas across the UK have been selected to screen the live broadcast of the London premiere, with the Odeon at Festival Park included. Other big names involved in the production are Ian McShane, Michael Smiley and lead actor and screenplay writer Johnny Harris. And rock great Paul Weller has provided the film’s soundtrack.

The screening at the Odeon will be followed by a live Q&A broadcast from the BFI Southbank premiere with Johnny Harris, Michael Smiley, Barry McGuigan and Ray Winstone.

Jawbone tells the story of a former youth boxing champion, Jimmy McCabe (Harris), who hits rock bottom but turns to his childhood boxing club and the only family he has left – gym owner Bill (Winstone) and cornerman Eddie (Smiley) – and risks his life to stand tall and regain his place in the world.

Hollywood icon Ray Winstone heads a cast of major movie stars in the film Jawbone

The film is set in London, but nearly all of its interiors were filmed in Stoke-on-Trent. It was brought to the city with the help of the city council’s film office, with the Lower China Hall in the council-owned former Spode pottery site in Stoke being transformed into a boxing gym – complete with full-size ring – for the duration of the shoot. The crew filmed in other locations across the city, with many local boxers being involved with the production.

Residents are being encouraged to buy tickets for the live broadcast of the premiere via the Odeon’s website at:http://www.odeon.co.uk/films/jawbone_q_amp_a/30098/ or by calling the box office on 0333 006 7777.