The pitter patter of tiny hooves – 10th June

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is celebrating the safe arrival of new additions to its herd.

May is traditionally calving season and our girls started early this year! Tia gave birth to a male calf in the last week of April, which caught our experienced handlers by surprise. This was closely followed by Honey who gave birth on the 1st May.
Most of the other expectant mums have now given birth and we are now pleased announce that we have 6 male and 5 female calves all safely delivered in the glorious sunshine at the Lodge with no assistance required from our experienced team. The team have worked incredibly hard to ensure all the calves are fed and cared for by their mothers during the crucial first few days and are constantly monitoring their progress.
There may be a few more arrivals over the coming days; reindeer pregnancy is notoriously difficult to confirm, so one or two may surprise us and we’ll update you further.
Spring is a very busy time in the Reindeer year; their bodies go through lots of changes. Most the herd have now lost their antlers and they are in the process of growing new ones. The Reindeer have nearly all lost their winter coats and while they are growing their nice summer coats they really don’t look their best.
The new arrivals of 2017 join a herd of over 150 reindeer which roam our beautiful 30 acre site surrounded by stunning Staffordshire countryside.
The herd, which is the largest working herd of reindeer in England, will grow further over the next month with a few more calves expected to arrive this calving season.
The public will get the opportunity to meet Tia and Honey’s calves any other calves who arrive over the coming weeks at our annual Come and Meet the Babies event which will be held 10th June 2017.

More details will be available at