The Splendour of Ancient Egypt – 27 June to 9 September

An exploration of the art and culture of Ancient Egypt. The past brought to life through rare artefacts and texts from a long lost age.

The Splendour of Ancient Egypt is an exhibition that runs from 27 June to 9 September,

10am to 4pm Tuesdays to Saturdays, at the Ancient High House, Stafford.
Admission is Free


An opportunity to see rare artefacts from the Age of the Pharaohs and to learn about life in Ancient Egypt. On display will be a collection of beautifully carved stone figures including images of the Egyptian gods and goddesses. The exhibition also looks at the story of local man, Henry Salt, who travelled extensively throughout Egypt, collecting artefacts, which would form the basis of the British Museum’s archive.

Among the highlights are some wonderful alabaster vessels and a collection of Royal Scarabs, beetle-like seals with the cartouches of the monarchs etched into them. Another very rare artefact is a ring with the name of Akhenaten, who was a radical leader and outlawed all the gods except for the Sun-God Aten. When he died the priests reverted to their old ways and his name was removed from the monuments and the temples – an item bearing this pharaoh’s name is a great rarity.