Stay healthy in the hot weather

As hot weather hits us over the next few days, North Staffordshire and Stoke–on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are reminding us to stay healthy as we enjoy the sun.

During hot spells, vulnerable groups such as the older people can feel the effects of heat more than others. Even if temperatures do not hit extreme levels, the advice is still to keep safe in the sun, seek shade to cool down and keep hydrated with plenty of cool fluids.

Top advice for being sun safe:

• Try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm

• Wear UV sunglasses, preferably wraparound, to reduce UV exposure to the eyes.

• Walk in the shade, apply sunscreen of at least SPF15 with UVA protection, wear a wide brimmed hat and light, loose-fitting cotton clothes. This should minimise the risk of sunburn.

• Drink lots of cool drinks and when travelling ensure you take water with you

• Look out for others especially vulnerable groups such as older people, young children and babies and those with serious illnesses

• Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially older people, infants, young children or animals


Dr Steve Fawcett, Medical Director, for North Staffordshire and Stoke–on-Trent CCGs, said:

“While many of us like the hot weather we should remember that for some, particularly the vulnerable, high temperatures can be potentially dangerous.

“By keeping out of the heat at the hottest times of the day, avoiding sunburn and staying hydrated, we can enjoy the good weather.

“Remember that it can get uncomfortably hot indoors too. Closing the curtains on windows that face the sun will help to reduce the temperature rising – and opening windows when it’s cooler will help too.”