A Cat called Mouse!

Vets have had a game of cat and mouse trying to find a home for a loveable stray they treated after it was hit by a car.

Staff at Shires Vets, in Stone, were presented with the cat, which they have affectionately named Mouse, after she was hit by a car and suffered a fractured pelvis.

While the vets have now successfully treated Mouse and she is back to full health, the animal is still searching for a new home after numerous aborted efforts to move on.

After first being taken away by a client of Shires, Mouse was returned after a clash of opinions on her joining the already large brood of moggies in situ at the client’s house.

Another visitor who showed interest was then unable to take her, before Gemma Webb, vet nurse at the practice, took her home. However, it soon became apparent Gemma’s pet labrador was unimpressed with his new housemate and Mouse had to make her second return to Shires.

With no microchip or collar, Shires contacted local rescue centres and put out various appeals to find the cat’s owners, along with posts on its Facebook page, but staff are now hoping a new home can be found for her.

Gemma said:

“Mouse is a really lovable little cat. We think she is aged between two and four and she is already neutered, although she will need her vaccinations. She loves fuss and is very playful and cheeky. Her pelvis is now fine and she is just ready to find a loving home.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about Mouse can contact Shires Vets on 01785 813955.