St. Leonard’s Primary School – Cancer Has No Colours!

Lucas Ward is pictured centre- holding the Sunderland shirt surrounded by a selection of St. Leonard’s children wearing their own team’s colours.

Following the sad death of Bradley Lowery last week, a Year Five pupil at St Leonard’s primary School in Stafford, felt inspired to support the family of his fellow Sunderland fan!

Lucas Ward wrote to the headteacher, Mrs Helen Spearing, to request that the whole school wore football or sports shirts on the day of six-year old Bradley’s funeral (Friday 14th July 2017).

He asked that children wore their own team’s colours and made a donation to the Bradley Lowery Foundation in line with the wishes of Bradley’s family who have chosen the theme ‘Cancer Has No Colours’. In his letter, which was sent out to all parents,

Lucas said

“I have followed Bradley for a while (I have even sent him a Christmas card) he is from up north where a lot of my family are and he even supported the same football team as me…I was wondering if school could support his family and allow children to wear football tops on Friday? We could try to raise money for the Bradley Lowery Foundation or just do it as a tribute to a brave young boy.”

At 11.15am, the time that Bradley’s funeral began, the school gathered together to have a minute’s silence, rather than this being a sad moment, the children all displayed Bradley’s trademark smile and thumbs up pose. The school has so far raised over £200 for the Bradley Lowery foundation.