News from The Barlaston Herons

The Barlaston Herons enjoyed a relaxing evening last Tuesday as they held their annual August craft meeting where they decorated wooden spoons, Maria told the ladies a little history of the narrowboat painters, boat owners would leave an item to be painted, a note of what they wanted and payment at the door of the painter and would collect the finished item a few weeks later as they chugged by. Maria then took the ladies step by step through painting their own narrowboat floral art on a wooden spoon.

Summer is the time that members are asked to submit ideas to the National Federation of Women’s Institutes for resolutions that the WI might campaign for next year. Herons President Sam Taylor put forward details of a resolution to ban single use plastic and the members agreed to submit the resolution  in a vote. We all throw plastic away, but there is no ‘AWAY’, everything has to go somewhere, the increasing volume of single use plastic that we all consume in our plastic bottles, wrapped sandwiches and biscuits etc. is polluting our countryside and oceans, we must all consider alternatives to buying items wrapped in throw away plastic.

Barlaston Herons next meet on Tuesday 19th September with a History of the Trent and Mersey Canal.

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