Oulton village residents, Denise & Malcolm Phillips will have reached 50 years of married life, on 23rd September 2017. As teenagers in the late-1960’s they met at a Kenny Ball concert at Trentham Gardens. Their wedding took place in September 1967 at St. Marks Church, Shelton,Stoke-on-Trent.
Denise’s pretty dress, of which she was very proud, was designed and made by her talented mother. After a short honeymoon in London where they enjoyed a hilarious Ken Dodd Show at the London Palladium they moved to their first home in Werrington, where they lived for 8 years.

During those  years in the 1970’s, their lives changed.  Their two children, Mandy and Time were born, so they decided to move to somewhere in the Stone area, to suit their working lives and eventually for schooling for the children. A plot of land (originally an orchard attached to the old Oulton Vicarage) had become available in Oulton village. Malcolm, along with a group of like minded qualified builders, decided on a self-build house which took over 18months to come to fruition.  By June 1975 it became a new house in Vanity Lane. This address was only considered to be for a short while, until they could decide just where they intended to spend the rest of their family life.

Through the years, Malcolm and Denise happily made many friends within the village community, as did the children, on becoming pupils at the Oulton First School.

They have all seen many changes over the years, within the village as well as in the outside world.  Mandy and Tim who are both married have moved away. Mandy’s daughter Robyn is now aged 9, and Tim’s daughter Holly is eight years old.  They are both well loved grandchildren for Malcolm and Denise.

Denise has had many interesting jobs, but is now retired.  Malcom retired as a building surveyor 4 years ago. His claim to fame is that he was continuously  employed from the age of 16, for 53 years, with ten different types of employment, working for 8 different employers.
Today they claim to lead a quiet life, well established in their ‘temporary’ home of 42 years, in Oulton.