Mystery of Alleynes Flag

Pupils arriving at Alleynes on the last day of term, July 1952, were startled to see a “School Flag” flying proudly from the not insignificant height of the belfry on the Old School House.

At the remarkably calm behest of the Head, Tom Beardsmore, it quietly vanished by the end of the day. Its purpose, origins and disposal have remained a mystery until recently, when it has re-emerged following the untimely death of its keeper, Ann Redman (nee Norton).

On Friday October 20th, alumni of Alleynes, circa 1950, are meeting in Reunion at the Stonehouse Hotel to hear from one of the surviving members of the “Flag Committee” about its development, with input from its designer and maker, how it was conceived, constructed and flown in secrecy.

Old Alleynians of the time, especially any who recall the event, are invited to attend and join in the fun.
More details from John Bell (E: T: 01509 215248)