Stone Lions Club Prostate Screening Event

Photo from the last testing event

All men over the age of 50 are invited to attend Stone Lions Club 3rd Annual Prostate Cancer Screening Event (PSA Blood Tests) at the Stonehouse Hotel on Tuesday 26th September. Doors open at 5.30 pm with blood tests taking place between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.
Stone Lions would like to stress that this service is entirely confidential and all correspondence following the blood tests is between the laboratory and the individual tested. Lions do not retain details concerning those attending and receive no information regarding the results of individual tests.

The Consultant Urologist provides his services free of charge and all participants will receive the results of their test by post, with advice to contact their own Doctor should the need for any follow-up treatment be identified.
Prostate Cancer is now recognised as the most common form of cancer suffered by men, with approximately 1 in 10 men being affected. It usually presents no symptoms but can often be detected by a simple blood test and, if identified in the early stages, can be treated very successfully as confirmed by the following letter, recently received by Stone Lions and published with the writer’s consent:

“I went along to your PSA testing at the Stonehouse Hotel last September.
Unfortunately, my test results were a little high and it followed, with further testing, that I had a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I had my prostate removed and am now recovering from the surgery. I had my first all clear from cancer at my last hospital visit and am due for another visit next month.
I would like to thank the Stone Lions for arranging the event last September as it highlighted a cancer that I didn’t know I had, never having had any symptoms.
Finding out that I had the cancer whilst it was contained in my prostate has allowed me to have it removed and effectively and hopefully extended my life.
So I will be grateful to the Stone Lions for the rest of my life.”

Stone Lions Club are very grateful to those organisations and individuals who sponsor this event but it is still a very ambitious project to undertake, with each test costing approximately £15.00 to process and the number of participants increasing each year. Any donations from those attending on the night would be gratefully received and would help safeguard the Lion’s programme of Prostate Cancer Screening in Stone for future years.

If you would like to receive a Registration Form by e-mail please contact either Lion Glyn Ravenscroft (01785 811022 or gravenscroft or Lion Mike Ward (01785 814573 or or download a copy from our website