Kelly Wilde

80’s/ 90’s singer Kelly Wilde joins ‘Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society’, on Tuesday the 12th of September at the Silk Mill Studio in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Kelly is travelling all the way up from London to be with the charity to perform in the music video along with 8 people who are on the autistic spectrum, alongside actress/model singer Dawn Lowe, who’s the charity patron for SAAS.

Kevin Healey Founder and Chairman said

‘ I’m absolutely delighted that this is happening, it was all started by a young man named Jack Rennie who visited the charity a few months back, he wanted to get into volunteering, at the time we only had office admin roles available, his talents were being a singer songwriter, I mentioned in conversation that it’s the tenth year for the charity and he said that he would love to do a song to help celebrate the decade anniversary for the charity. There will be 8 people with autism in the music video/charity single alongside Kelly & Dawn, singing the song which has been written and composed by Jack Rennie ‘Whatever The Weather’.

Kevin added, I’ve ┬álistened to the song quite a few times it’s really catchy and well written, and hopefully will raise even more awareness of Autism.”

Dawn Lowe


The charity song will be available to buy online and all the proceeds will go to the charity.