Potentially life-saving safety talks, events and demonstrations are to be held across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire when hundreds of fire and rescue service staff take part in Community Wellbeing Week.

For the second year running members of staff from every department across the Service, from directors to apprentices, will be supporting the county-wide safety drive which runs from October 16 to 22.

The aim of the community focused initiative is to help residents keep healthy and well, in turn promoting fire safety in their homes.

Community Safety Lead Steph Cooley said:

“Last year we expanded the Community Wellbeing Day to create a Community Wellbeing Week and it was a huge success with so many positive activities being held around the county.

“We hope to build on the success this year and are holding the week in partnership with the Resuscitation Council’s (UK) Restart a Heart Day and are focusing a lot of our activities on general health, wellbeing and CPR.

“We will be putting our full resource behind a whole host of events that will be taking place across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. The emphasis will be on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and it’s an opportunity to talk to people about our Safe and Well Checks, which look at a range of issues which can affect a person’s quality of life and ultimately contribute to them being involved in a fire.

“People who have health risks such as poor mobility, smoking, alcohol and substance misuse or mental and physical health issues are at a far greater risk of being the victim of a fire which is why it is absolutely vital that these root causes are addressed to prevent the situation occurring in the first place. Small changes to health and lifestyle really can have life-saving outcomes.

“The aim of the week is to interact with as many members of the community as possible to encourage them to keep safe and well.”

Schools through Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire will also be asked to support by incorporating CPR training into their week.

Details of all community wellbeing events being held throughout the week are listed in the tables below. For more information about attending a session please contact the local fire station for the area.

More information will be posted on the Service’s social media channels throughout the week.